IT Security, DR, & Compliance Solutions

Protect, Detect, Respond, Update, and Assess

With properly managed IT, your team can focus on achieving your goals.

Two of the biggest technology issues facing every organization today, regardless of size, are regulatory compliance and security threats. From the legal requirements related to the protection and management of systems and data access, to everyday security threats to your IT systems and data; business leaders are increasingly challenged to proactively mitigate their exposure and risks to their operations.

This new reality requires a comprehensive approach involving tools, processes, and regular user awareness training and education to address both IT security and compliance needs.

Affiliated is ready to help you meet these challenges head on.

Affiliated Managed IT Services & solutions

Our comprehensive security risk methodology gives customers the ability to safeguard their environments and critical business data. This includes continuous threat protection and risk mitigation through our base Managed Services and Infrastructure agreements, as well as our advanced IT Risk Management program.

This proven approach brings together a host of tools, processes and a proven system to provide the protection, detection and response you need to minimize the risk to your data, systems, and downtime.

Affiliated Managed IT Services provide:

  • Effective security policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Incident response
  • Team education and awareness
  • Industry and government standards-based risk evaluation scoring process to provide your leadership with an ongoing view of their organization’s risk exposure and remediation path

IT Compliance Solutions

Our IT compliance solutions offer the assistance you need to:

  • Assess your IT compliance risks
  • Build an action plan to remediate appropriate rules and controls to bring you back into compliance
  • Monitor and track ongoing progress and activities that need to adhere to specific policy and procedures
  • Regularly scheduled reviews/reassessments of your risks
  • Meetings with our team to ensure your organization has accomplished the tasks and oversight needed to keep your IT assets and processes compliant with government regulations

We work with healthcare organizations (and their business associates) that have HIPAA compliance and commercial accounts that have to meet NIST SP 800 171 r1 control requirements.

Why Affiliated for Your IT Security, DR, & Compliance Solutions?

  • A proven process to build solutions from need assessment through design, sourcing, implementation, documentation, skills transfer, and support.
  • A team approach to addressing your IT needs – Microsoft, Virtualization, Storage, Network, Security, and Cloud specialists engaged to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Local and Industry leading vendor partners work with our team to design and build custom solutions.
  • Projects delivered on time and on budget so you don’t have to worry about what you will receive; our certified project managers keep you updated regularly and projects deliver your desired outcome.
  • Leadership insight to be able to leverage the knowledge and experience of IT professionals that can share information to help you make better informed decisions.
  • Security Assessments and processes for addressing the four main components of a focused IT security program—identify, protect, prevent and detect.
  • Monitoring and reporting tools and services to protect you and your staff from issues.
  • User Awareness Training Programs for security risks to help your staff get involved in protecting the organization and your data from threats and risks.
  • Policy and Procedures reviews and actual documents to help you implement the appropriate level of process to protect you, your organization and your data.
  • On-site and Off-site backups of your systems and data on a scheduled basis to minimize data loss, as well as daily verifications, weekly verifications and test restores.
  • Disaster recovery solutions are custom tailored for every customer because each organization has unique needs and priorities.
  • Compliance activities for IT systems that help you address, update and maintain your mandated compliance requirements for your IT systems, data, and information (physical, spoken, or transmitted).
  • Assessments are the starting point to determine your risk are the starting point for your process. Both HIPAA and NIST guidelines provide guidance. We have a number of toolsets and a methodology developed to determine both your current risk analysis plus, the plan needed to address those control items that are at risk for your organization.
  • Management plans provide a detailed course of action to address the prioritized items needed to be corrected in order to help maintain compliance.
  • Remediation assistance provided by our team will help you actually work the agreed to plan, complete, and document the tasks needed to move your organization to a compliant state.
  • HIPAA Evidence of Compliance Report to validate you had an assessment completed and the results of that activity.
  • Ongoing Update Assessment Process to review progress, make adjustments to your environment and demonstrate a continued path of action.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your current environment and a discussion about how we might help you.