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Mitigate Your Risks: How To Improve Your IT Operational “Fitness”

Whether you are a COO, CFO or IT leader, these are very tumultuous time for all of us who are tasked with running a successful organization. The silver lining is that there is plenty of opportunities to think about, plan and adjust for to improve the "fitness" of our operations, especially when it comes to IT and engaging our employees, to help us mitigate our risks and move our organizations forward.

In this informative 45-minute webinar, Mike Moran, President and CEO of Columbus IT firm Affiliated Resource Group, shares practical lessons learned over the last 20+ years working with a number of organizations who have faced similar challenges, including best-practices for:

  • Employee Engagement: Making sure you have the right tools and technology for your employees to stay engaged and productive in this hybrid Environment
  • Cybersecurity: Addressing today's cyber threat and exposure to mitigate risks in today's operating environment
  • Mitigating Risks: How to maintain and improve corporate productivity due to changes in IT operational focus