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Verify if your organization is at high risk and where you should be focusing your risk assessment efforts and expenditures.

Your FREE Cyber-Readiness Assessment 


The Value of a Cyber-Readiness Assessment

Every IT executive or CFO of an organization is tasked with managing risk. One of the biggest risks you face today, regardless of size, is cybersecurity threats and compliance issues. But you know that!

Most companies think having a strong firewall and anti-virus software are enough to cover the threats. They are not.

With more people working remotely, organizational infrastructure changes, laws governing data protection and privacy, and increased reliance on cloud applications, your IT systems are more exposed to risks than ever.

To mitigate those risks, it's critical that you understand where you are most vulnerable.

That is the purpose of a cyber-readiness review.

  • Find what's wrong and fix it
  • Find what's right and keep doing it
  • Prove to insurers, compliance auditors, demanding customers, and other stakeholders that you're serious about security and compliance
  • Run your organization with greater confidence

When this 100% FREE confidential Cyber-Readiness Assessment is complete, you will know the following:

  • Where are the weaknesses in your cybersecurity?
  • If your IT team has accidentally done something that makes your organization vulnerable to the known tactics of today's hackers?
  • Where's the best place for you to spend your IT security budget?
  • Where you are already safe enough so you don't need to spend more money

  • And our Cyber-Readiness Assessment doesn't just list a bunch of potential problems. It includes expert analysis of any discovered issues and vulnerabilities so you and your cybersecurity solutions provider have a clear path to stronger cybersecurity, smarter spending, and greater peace of mind.

About Us

At Affiliated Resource Group, we help our customers align their technology assets and resources with their business plans to achieve their goals… faster… giving them the tools and information they need to make progress every day. We can do that for you, too.

Our security and compliance services are designed around your needs; we provide our services in layers, wrapping your assets in multiple forms of protection and oversight.

We start with a discussion about your priorities and your risk tolerance and then provide the appropriate assessment to determine your position; develop a management plan, then offer remediation services and ongoing service and compliance program offerings to help your team add security and compliance awareness, protection, detection, and response to your DNA.