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In the vibrant landscape of Columbus's professional services sector, Affiliated Resource Group stands out as the premier provider of IT Support, Cybersecurity, and IT Compliance. With over three decades of excellence, we cater to law firms, accountancies, consultancies, and other professional services firms, offering innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of service-oriented businesses.

Why Partner with Affiliated Resource Group for IT Support? 


Specialized IT Support

Are you a professional service provider seeking specialized IT support? Affiliated delivers bespoke management and support solutions, ensuring your IT infrastructure is not only secure but also a strategic asset propelling your business forward.

Cyber Threat

Cybersecurity Expertise

Secure your sensitive client data and protect your professional integrity with our cybersecurity expertise. We utilize the most advanced detection tools and rapid response protocols to defend your business from cyber threats.

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IT Compliance Mastery

Navigate through the complex tapestry of IT compliance with our expert guidance. We ensure your business meets the stringent standards expected in professional services, including adherence to industry-specific regulations.


Tailored Managed Infrastructure

Advance your IT infrastructure with our personalized tools and services, engineered for firms that aim for unparalleled operational superiority.

Cloud Data Backup

Versatile Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions

Discover our flexible infrastructure and cloud solutions, designed for the unique requirements of professional services. We offer on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments, tailored to enhance your servers, storage, networks, and workstations.

Addressing the Unique Needs:

Grasping the distinct challenges professional services firms face in Columbus, Affiliated Resource Group is committed to delivering IT support solutions that not only overcome these challenges but also convert them into avenues for innovation and competitive advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What differentiates Affiliated Resource Group in providing IT Support for Professional Services in Columbus?

Leveraging over 30 years of experience, Affiliated excels in aligning IT strategies with the goals of professional services, ensuring top-tier security, compliance, and a competitive edge.

What benefits do dental practices gain from your IT services?

How does Affiliated maintain cutting-edge cybersecurity for its clients?

Can Affiliated Resource Group accommodate the dynamic scaling needs of professional services?

Absolutely, our IT support is scalable and adaptable, meeting the growing demands of your firm without sacrificing security or efficiency.

What is Affiliated's approach to IT compliance for professional services?

Our approach is thorough and up-to-date, ensuring your firm complies with industry-specific regulations, thereby protecting your reputation and operations.

In what ways does Affiliated boost the efficiency and productivity of its clients?

With our specialized IT Support, we not only keep your IT systems operational but also fine-tuned for optimal performance, enhancing your firm's efficiency and productivity.

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Partner with Affiliated Resource Group for specialized IT support that understands the nuances of professional services. Contact us today to discover how we can be the driving force in your firm's journey to technological empowerment and success.

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