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Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Employees

Security Awareness Training, Including Phishing Resistance, Dramatically Reduces Risk...If You Keep It Up.

In a year full of bad news around cybersecurity, there's one very bright spot - cybersecurity awareness training works to protect businesses from cybersecurity threats.

Reducing Human Error

The most effective way to prevent a cybersecurity disaster is to prevent mistakes since the number one cause of a data breach is human error. Security awareness training is a powerful tool to reduce that risk. Security awareness training lowers the chance of an incident like a data breach by 70%. But 62% of businesses do not do enough cybersecurity awareness or phishing resistance training, and that's a problem - especially for remote workers.

Consistency Matters

In a study unveiled just last month, researchers were able to measure not only the impact of security awareness and phishing resistance training, but they also measured its lasting effect. Their results showed that security and phishing awareness training is forgotten over time. Test subjects were trained once and retention tested four, six, eight, ten, and 12 months later, and the results were unequivocal - the longer they went without training, the worse they performed. For security awareness training to be effective, it needs regular upkeep and refreshment.

Phishing Resistance Training Is A Must-Have

More than 80% of today's cybersecurity threats arrive via email. From ransomware to spear phishing,email threats are today's most dangerous form of cyberattack. They're extremely effective too - 90% of incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email. But without consistent upkeep, phishing resistance training wears off. In the same study, workers who received phishing resistance training were only able to spot phishing emails for four months after initial training.

Effectively Boost Your Security

A common reason why companies tend to put off security awareness and phishing resistance training is that it seems daunting. Finding the right materials, creating the right groups, measuring retention, tutoring those who need extra help, managing schedules - its an undertaking. But it doesn't have to be, because Affiliated's User Security Awareness Training (UAT) solution makes it simple for everyone.

Managing phishing resistance training is easy with Affiliated's UAT solution. Simple remote management enables you to quickly complete administration, including building, importing, and editing groups of the "target" employees to be included in your phishing simulation and training campaigns. Easily import multiple groups in your organization in order to specialize and differentiate your training to keep it relevant and fresh.

It's Never A One And Done

Since keeping training fresh is an obvious key to keeping training effective, we add new phishing simulation training kits every month featuring the latest scams including pandemic threats. The platform includes over 80 phishing kits and 50 security video campaigns.

Affiliated's UAT solution is flexible and easy for users who are being trained, too. Threats are explained clearly for non-tech staffers, making training effective and accessible for everyone. Easy-to-understand, short, and visually engaging training videos let learners go at their own pace, and online quizzes help you verify retention and see who needs more help.

Don't put training off anymore - it's not a smart way to save time or money. Dark Web threats are escalating every day, fueling new, dangerous cyberattacks. Without regularly updated security awareness and phishing resistance training, your chance of experiencing a cybersecurity incident increases dramatically, and no one can afford a disaster like that in this economy.

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