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The Risks Of Not Having A Cybersecurity Plan

As more and more cyberattacks hit the headlines, business owners today are waking to the realization that they must have a robust cybersecurity solution. Unfortunately, far too many organizations are just barely scraping the surface of what cybersecurity truly requires today.

What's typically missing is a comprehensive security plan and cybersecurity checklist that everyone in the organization can follow. Just like a cyberattack, ignoring these important cybersecurity policies and procedures can bring a business to a screeching halt.

Which Businesses Put Themselves At Risk By Not Following A Security Plan?

Any organization that captures, uses, stores, manages, or transmits protected data must have a cybersecurity plan in place. Some industries, such as the financial industry, health care industry, and Department of Defense contractors (and subcontractors), require data protection plans. But ultimately, any executive concerned about their reputation and bottom line should have a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. The state of Ohio even passed a Cybersecurity Safe Harbor Law that provides a defense against civil litigation when a company has created and actively implemented a cybersecurity plan.

Cyberattacks wreak havoc on bottom-line dollars. Sixty percent of the time, cybercriminals target small businesses. Then, on average, it can take three workdays or longer to recover. Think about how much revenue loss and productivity loss — and how many potential lost customers/clients — you could incur in those three days.

Affiliated Resource Group has been serving Central Ohio manufacturers, distributors, professional services firms, and health care practices for over 20 years. For nearly a decade, we've has also been sounding the alarm for our clients to follow a well-defined cybersecurity and compliance plan.

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