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5 Co-Sourcing Scenarios For Columbus, Ohio Organizations With An Existing IT Staff

As a CFO or executive in your organization, does your IT lead frequently come to you for more money, more tools, more staff, more help, but you constantly have to tell them to "make do" until you can find the budget for it?

Are you worried that your IT department may not be adequately prepared and equipped to handle a serious cyber security breach or recover you from a ransomware attack?

Do you have multiple projects you need done and IT problems unresolved simply because your IT department or person is stretched to their limit?

Do you worry that your IT leader could quit on a moment's notice and leave you stranded?

If so, here is a potential solution for you: IT Co-Sourcing.

It's no secret: Due to the economic crisis we've all been plunged into, executives and IT leaders in Columbus, Ohio are under enormous pressure to cut operational costs while finding creative ways to continue transacting and fulfilling contracts and services.

Now more than ever, it's ESSENTIAL that your IT functions not only perform but keep you secure from cyber-attacks, data loss, and potential compliance violations with employees working in the office and from home in unsecured, unmonitored environments.

Outsourced IT support and internal IT teams both have their pros and cons, but there is a third option available to businesses - a Co-Sourced IT relationship. Co-sourcing is a flexible approach that allows you to supplement your internal IT team with an external solution that can provide the focused, experienced resources, tools, and processes that can alleviate the internal team's workload, improve IT functions and maturity, and address your cybersecurity and compliance needs in a reasonable, cost-effective manner.

Here are five common scenarios for co-sourcing your IT in Columbus, Ohio, that we have found to be the most advantageous:

Scenario 1

Your in-house IT staff is better served working on high-level strategic projects and initiatives or supporting your applications but needs support in getting day-to-day tasks completed, such as troubleshooting various problems that arise, addressing IT operations functions (patching, tools deployment and management, monitoring system alerts for issues/threats, etc.), providing help-desk resources to your employees, software upgrades, data backup, and maintenance, etc.

Scenario 2

You need an "additional set of hands" to help with support, some technical issues, or a strategy to give you cover for the things that you need to get done and to protect the organization without adding additional staff.

Scenario 3

You are in rapid expansion mode and need to scale up IT resources quickly to support the needs of the organization. This is another situation where our flexible support services can be brought in to get you through this phase as you work to build your internal IT department. Hiring IT talent IS difficult and expensive, and your HR resources can be better served in other areas.

Scenario 4

You have an excellent IT team, but they could be far more efficient if you had the professional-grade software tools we use to be more organized and efficient, along with our help desk. We can give them the tools, configure them for your organization and train them on how to use them. These tools will show you, the leadership team, the workload they are processing and how efficient they are (we call it utilization), as well as our processes for validation of the important IT operational function that leadership needs to have validated on a regular basis to meet organization and regulatory expectations.

Scenario 5

You need support and help for a remote location or branch office.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options in detail, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 614.495.9658 or email me at michaelmoran@aresgrp.com. We will be happy to help you explore if Co-Sourcing with your IT team is a good fit for your organization.