IT Managed Infrastructure Services

Managed IT Support for Internal IT Teams in the Columbus, Ohio Area

Supporting internal IT resources with a team to co-source IT operations and management; gaining industry leading IT operations and support at a fraction of the cost.

Affiliated has worked with internal IT teams on projects and support engagements for Columbus, Dublin, Powell, Westerville and Central Ohio-based growing and mid-market organizations for years. In addition to providing Managed IT Services for organizations without an IT team, we’re also helping several organizations with IT staff manage and support their systems more effectively today.

We leverage our Managed Services team and processes to develop a customized and tailored solution to help you and your IT team accomplish your goals in an efficient, cost effective manner.

Many organizations can’t hire more headcount; yet have competing priorities in application and user support or operations and need help to ensure things not only run, but are secure, protected, and compliant. Tasks fall through the cracks or doe not get done – when a problem hits everyone looks bad.

We can fix that. We work well with others! We have proven that the co-sourced solution can work well and are happy to share our successes.

Affiliated IT Managed Infrastructure solutions can ensure your organization has:

  • A team approach to addressing your IT needs. Certified, experienced technical and support resources that can complement your existing staff and allow them to focus on value items to your organization.
  • The security and safety of your systems and information. It is hard for a single resource to “do everything”. We provide the systems, tools, and processes to protect you; and if necessary, respond to any incident quickly and effectively using defined processes, and a solid, accurate, tested backup to minimize your distraction and downtime.
  • Sophisticated tools that identify issues (and potential issues) within your system automatically so we can start to address them immediately. Many times without you even noticing there might have been an issue.
  • A support team ready and willing to answer your team’s calls and begin resolving their questions right away.
  • Regular scorecards for operations performance and trends to be addressed. We show you the data!
  • Better managed costs. It is less expensive to work with our solutions than trying to staff, then manage, then re-staff positions to support your team. We own the staffing, managing and training costs. You have a managed, monthly budgeted cost for IT support.
  • Scheduled communications to seek your input and share information on your systems, users, data, and IT operations.
  • Quarterly planning process and meetings to plan out your IT needs, investments and expenditure so that you and your leadership team have a roadmap for your IT assets.
  • Leadership insight to be able to leverage the knowledge and experience of IT professionals that can share information to help you make better informed decisions.

Contact us today for a complimentary review of your current environment and a discussion about how we might help you.