Managed IT Services

Get Responsive Managed IT Support Services 24/7/365

Affiliated’s certified, experienced team of IT resources have been managing networks for growing and mid-market organizations in the Columbus, Dublin, Powell, Westerville, Ohio area, since 1998 — and we’re busy managing hundreds of locations and thousands of endpoints as you read these words.

Our goal? Delivering the right systems, working properly, when and wherever you need them. Exemplary service for our customers. Every Day 24/7/365.

We use a centralized approach to our Managed IT support and services. Our optimized solutions are based on assessing your specific needs, then designing and implementing the solutions and support services you need to make your IT the asset that helps you achieve your goals faster.

Affiliated Managed IT Support and Services Solutions Provide:

  • A network that’s stable, available, scalable, and secure so your team stays focused on their roles and your goals.
  • Technology that has proven itself. Our team uses industry leading providers and best practices to build your systems right.
  • The security and safety of your systems and information is a top priority, providing systems, tools, and processes to protect you. If necessary, respond to any incident quickly and effectively using defined processes, and a solid, accurate, tested backup to minimize your distraction and downtime.
  • Sophisticated tools that identify issues (and potential issues) within your system automatically so we can start to address them immediately. Many times without you even noticing there might have been an issue.
  • A support team ready and willing to answer your team’s calls and begin resolving their questions right away.
  • Processes and procedures that allow us to be efficient and effective in how we support and protect you and your systems.
  • Regular scorecards for operations performance and trends to be addressed. We show you the data!
  • Better managed costs for your IT via optimized IT, improved uptime for your users, significantly reduced rework time and expense. Plus a managed, monthly budgeted cost for IT support.
  • Scheduled communications to seek your input and share information on your systems, users, data, and IT operations.
  • Quarterly planning process and meetings to plan out your IT needs, investments and expenditure so that you and your leadership team have a roadmap for your IT assets.
  • Leadership insight to be able to leverage the knowledge and experience of IT professionals that share information to help you make better informed decisions.

Contact us today for a complimentary review of your current environment and a discussion about how we might help you.