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Risk Management Starts With Understanding Where Your IT Systems Are Most Vulnerable

The Value Of Cybersecurity And Compliance Reviews

Every IT executive or CFO of an organization is tasked with managing risk. One of the biggest risks you face today, regardless of size, is cybersecurity threats and compliance issues. But you know that!

Most companies think having a strong firewall and anti-virus software are enough to cover the threats. They are not.

With more people working remotely, organizational infrastructure changes, laws governing data protection and privacy, and increased reliance on cloud applications, your IT systems are more exposed to risks than ever.

To mitigate those risks, it's critical that you understand where you are most vulnerable.

That is the purpose of a cyber-readiness review.

A cyber-readiness review is a precursor to a risk assessment. It helps identify the key focus areas, including cyber liability and compliance, that need to be explored in detail for a risk assessment. This can prioritize your assessment scope, and so your dollars are invested more effectively.

We see several weekly requests from organizations like yours in the Columbus, Ohio, area that already have an internal IT team who may need assistance reviewing and securing their systems.

Our Offer: A FREE Cybersecurity Risk & Readiness Review

Our cybersecurity risk & readiness review will help you verify if your organization is at high risk for ransomware, hackers, or a devastating cyber-attack and identify where you should prioritize your efforts and expenditures.

When this Risk Review is complete, you will know:

  1. What specific regulatory requirements need to be addressed as a part of or in a separate assessment (PCI - for credit cards, HIPAA-for self-insured entities, etc.)
    1. NOTE: Many companies are unaware that they have additional requirements for these compliance regulations, and it is better to know before you have an issue.
  2. What needs to be prioritized to stay compliant with your Cyber-insurance policy - what does the provider expect you to do to stay compliant with your policy.
  3. If your current backup approach allows you to be back up and running again fast if ransomware locked all your files.
    1. NOTE: In a majority of the systems we have reviewed over the years, leaders were surprised to learn the backup they had would NOT allow them to recover from a ransomware attack in the manner they expected.
  4. If your cloud applications are as protected as you expect.
    1. NOTE: Today, more and more applications - and even entire environments are being shifted to the cloud; what levels of protection are in place to protect these cloud-based solutions.
  5. What SPECIFIC AREAS of your organization should be covered in YOUR security risk assessment, what deliverables you should expect to receive, and what reasonable ranges you should expect to pay so that you can plan, budget, and set expectations for a proper understanding of your environment.

You will also receive a next-steps approach to determine how to help YOUR leadership team understand your needs and provide an action plan to address the threats and exposures.

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