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How Columbus Businesses Can Easily Eliminate Tech Problems In Their Business

In today's digital age, our reliance on technology is greater than ever. When the internet fails, as exemplified by the recent AT&T outage affecting 1.7 million customers, businesses come to a standstill, incurring massive losses in productivity and sales. Can your business afford to be offline for even a few minutes, let alone days? Likely not.

However, downtime is just one aspect of the broader challenges posed by inadequate IT support. Issues range from major problems like recovering lost files, eradicating malware, and continuous network monitoring, to minor annoyances like accessing files, resetting passwords, and fixing printers. These can accumulate, significantly impacting your business operations.

It's crucial not only to have effective measures to recover quickly if issues arise but also to preemptively prevent technological problems.

Regrettably, it's all too common to overpay for IT services that fail to deliver effective solutions. Many providers, often referred to humorously as "IT Wizards," promise top-tier support at low costs but end up underperforming, using their "magic wands" more as backscratchers than tools of the trade. This needs to change, which is why we've compiled a list of essential criteria that any IT service provider working on your network should meet.

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Assess Your IT Support - Checklist:

  • Responsiveness: Does your IT company answer calls live and respond promptly to emergencies?
  • Accessibility: Are they easy to reach and responsive within an hour for non-emergency situations?
  • Proactivity: Does your IT provider regularly update and patch your network's security without your prompt?
  • Data Integrity: Can they prove that all your data, including that on laptops and other devices, is being backed up?
  • Regular Updates: Does your IT company meet with you quarterly to discuss ongoing projects and network performance enhancements?
  • Transparency: Are the invoices from your IT provider detailed and clear about what you are paying for?
  • Clarity: Does your IT service avoid technical jargon and ensure you understand their processes?
  • Cybersecurity: Do they proactively discuss cybersecurity measures and provide training to prevent scams?
  • Documentation: Has your IT company provided complete network documentation, or do they withhold critical access information?
  • Professionalism: Do the technicians arrive on time, dress professionally, and make IT support a positive experience?

If your current IT service doesn't meet these standards, you're likely receiving subpar support, putting your data and network at risk, and costing your business valuable time and money. This inefficiency not only threatens your operations but can also place the blame squarely on your shoulders when things go wrong.

If this is the case, it's time to explore better options and ensure you're getting the quality service your business deserves. Settling for less is a liability your business cannot afford. To schedule a free discovery call to see how we can get rid of your tech issues, click here or call us at 800-626-3223.